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March 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

I am super thrilled to announce a project I am partnering with - The School Sessions.  Founded by Randy and Jamie Watson, it is a community of photographers and people raising money to rebuild a school in Haiti after it was destroyed by a horrific earthquake five years ago. 

From their website

"E.C.C.A. School (Ecole Chretienne du Centre de L’Agneu) was founded in 2007 by Mr. Duckenson and Mrs. Francois Laguerre. Five years ago, a horrific earthquake completely destroyed their building (along with thousands of other schools) but the Laguerres continued to teach,allowing many kids to attend their programs for free. Laguerre remembers, In spite of our building being destroyed, parents sent their kids to our school. We asked why they chose ECCA, they said: ‘You inspire in us faith, hope and a future for our children.’” Operational funding for ECCA is provided by a family’s ability to pay along with support from Hope Force and other organizations. If they can afford it, tuition fees are $160 US a year per student but many children attend every year for “next to nothing.” " 

The School Sessions is raising $200,000 to buy land and fund construction of a ten-classroom, concrete, earthquake and hurricane proof building. That is a big project and they need your help. 

The moment I learned of the project and saw clearly how genuine and passionate Randy and Jamie are, my heart was pricked.  Something must be done.  So, on and around April 12th, 2015  I will be shooting portrait sessions with 100% of the profits going to raise funds for the School Sessions! If you have been considering booking a session, now is the time!  Please contact me here: 

If you are a photographer, please consider signing up to book sessions and spread the word!

Lets see what difference we can make.   xo Kayla Lauren 

p.s. check out this touching video about the school- so sweet.  xo 

The School Sessions from The School Sessions on Vimeo.



Olivia Coon(non-registered)
Love that you're doing this Kayla!! Such a sweet idea to help the children and the school.
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